So much stuff

As you know, we have 3 kids, soon to be 4, and that means we have a lot of stuff. I’m not sure why, or how,but it seems to grow all the time!

I try to declutter and donate things that are in good shape often, from clothes to toys to whatever else we can find (mostly clothes and toys), we just don’t need it all!

This weekend I decided it was time to get rid of some stuffies. Jenni likes stuffies and dollies the most, so she was the biggest helper in this.

I don’t give the kids much of an option, but we want them to understand they don’t need a lot, just to have a lot.

I did a first run through, kept keepsakes and things that mean something, or I know is played with. Everything else Jenni, Hazel and I looked at and said keep or go to.

They did a very good job and are giving quite a bit away, almost a garbage bag full.

Now, Hazel thinks it’s going to her cousin Shay, Auntie Taryn, I promise it isn’t! But once they are out of the house they won’t remember we ever had them and hopefully someone who could use it will get it.

Up next, probably books, I did the kids in January, but I’ll go through old text books and fiction for JD and I. I’m also going to be undertaking a minor reno on our bedroom before the baby comes so I’ll be purging a bunch of my clothes and stuff in the bedroom and bathroom (ie upstairs storage room because our ensuite is a reno with no plan to complete. We will eventually, just not a priority over the rest of the house!

How do you minimize or control the stuff in your house?

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