Who has time for dates?

JD and I have 3 and relatively soon-to-be 4 kids. We have like 0 time for dates. I can count on 1 hand how many times we’ve been out in, the last year?

Our last date was going bowling with my siblings a few weeks ago. It was super fun! Honestly, I can’t remember the one before that, maybe our anniversary in August? Grandma Janet and Grandpa had the girls and we got our neighbour to watch Martin after he was asleep so we could go to dinner.

Our go to date is usually putting off dinner until the kids have gone to bed, and then sitting down together, alone without the TV on. The other one would be watching one Netflix or CraveTV show (or something we’ve recorded). We’ve recently finished / keep up with:

  • Letterkenny – it’s hilarious
  • Broklyn 99 – we just started
  • Game of Thrones (but only the last two seasons)
  • This is Us

Movies aren’t usually a go to for us, too long and I usually fall asleep on the couch with anything longer than an hour that we want to watch together. If I’m going to the movies, I’m going by myself and eating the whole bag of popcorn, or with a girlfriend who wants to see the same movie.

We talk a lot about what we’ll do as the kids get older, we’ve got some great plans, but we’ve got some awesome kiddos who take up most of our time now!

Things we have talked about:

  1. Joining a bowling league – I’m super excited about this… my bowling shoes are looking forward to it
  2. Euchre nights with the neighbours
  3. Dinners with other people around (ie at a restaurant)
  4. Maybe, just maybe, one day going on a trip, just the two of us again

Any ideas for us? Either for current or future times as a couple?

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