New neigbhourhood boundaries?

Let’s not play pretend, we are all parenting and living in a very different world then we grew up in. Streetlights don’t mean it’s time to come in and who knows their neighbour all the way down the street?

We are very lucky, we have some great neighbours on our street, that know our names and much more! That being said, none of them are really home during the day, so if I have an errand to run, the kiddos are always with me, or if the kids are sleeping and something comes up, everyone gets up. That being said, I’m pretty organized, so I usually have things under control.

But, I did my grocery shopping for dinners this week, early last week, and we always have salsa in the house. So, when Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken came up for dinner tonight, I didn’t think about us not having any salsa (even when JD brought it up earlier this week). So, I was already home from dropping Hazel off at pre-school when I realized we didn’t have what we needed! The darn salsa!

It’s Wednesday, and crazy snowy, and I don’t want to load up the kids, nor do I want to wake them early to take them before we get Hazel, not to mention that will be much too late to actually make dinner the way it’s supposed to be, in the slow cooker. So, I’m in a, very small, pickle. Do I make something different, very easy solution, but I work early and slow cooker recipes are super easy for these sorts of nights, or can I get some salsa from somewhere, ANYWHERE?

Well, a few weeks ago, Karl, my boss, gave me the idea to look for neighbourhood groups on Facebook close to where we work, and I happen to live, and work, in the same neighbourhood. So, I’m part of that group now, it’s literally been two, maybe three, weeks that I’ve been in the group.

None of my neighbours are home right now, so I thought, what the heck, let’s ask Facebook, specially my neighbourhood group. So, I did. Low-and-behold, someone answered! A lovely woman from around the corner and across the street was heading to Walmart and brought me a jar of salsa for dinner!

Social Networks can make us so closed off, but can open us up to knowing so many more people than we ever could have in the past. Be careful, but use them to grow your village and support system.

Thank you, again, to the lovely woman who helped me, and I hope I can pay it forward shortly to someone else.

As Ellen DeGeneres would say, “Be kind to one another.”

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