So, as soon as we decided to have Jenni I was outnumbered, basically always, unless at special events where JD was available. You know I'm now having my 4th, so I've been outnumbered for a while. The number one question I get is "How do you manage them and go places?" I don't know how... Continue Reading →

Joke of the day

Preschoolers are hilarious. The joke of the day comes from Hazel… Hazel: Knock knock Me: Who's there? Hazel: Hazel Elizabeth Banana Peel Me: Hazel Elizabeth Banana Peel who? Hazel and Jennifer the hysterical laughing and Martin clapping at their laughter. What's going to make you laugh today?


Who doesn't have a case of the Mondays? In our house, it is one of the busiest days of the week. It starts with me getting up at the same time as JD, 5am, to do my workout, shower, and eat a solid breakfast, before waking up the kids. Mondays are the day that I... Continue Reading →

Cleaning machine

It only takes 5 minutes to destroy my house.... here it is partially cleaned up from the morning. But that's ok because the kids do help clean up most of the time! Someone's got to sweep mom!

New Baby Worries

I read a Facebook post once about concerns you have with each addition child, I thought I'd update that for the 4th one... First Child Worries: What's the best stroller/car seat/carrier/etc.? Where will our baby sleep We need to baby proof my house... NOW! Am I eating the best I can for my child Breast... Continue Reading →

JD’s favourite cookies

JD has a lot of favourite cookies, chocolate chip-bakery style, all Costco cookies, ginger molasses cookies, really the list can go on. JD's favourite "Easter" cookie is a mini egg cookie (it's really good anytime of the year). Looks good! The girls and I decided to make some today for him. My two helpers and... Continue Reading →

Come From Away

I have a Mirvish Subscription, I love it, I see shows I wouldn't normally see, and I get to sit, in silence, for 2-3 hours, by myself, SEVEN times a year! It is absolutely glorious. But in all honesty, I just love live theatre. There is really nothing like it. At Christmas, we purchased tickets... Continue Reading →


Last month we finally broke and got Netflix. Well I actually cancelled a bunch of our cable TV and got Netflix to take the place of it (I'm actually saving tens of dollars a month). It's great having a bunch of kids shows that just keep playing (Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Llama Llama, anyone?),... Continue Reading →

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