Favourite toys

I figured it was a good day to have the kids pick out their favourite toys and tell me why it’s their favourite.

Jenni’s pickI second this, she always has a dolly or baby that she’s pushing around. She can be going shopping or on her way to work and she’ll make sure she lets you know what she’s doing!

Martin’s pick Really he loves banging on anything and this is the easiest and makes the most different sounds (well the piano has more sounds but it’s a bigger stretch). That being said, if he can bang on it like a drum he’s also pretty happy, so the toilet, the kids kitchen set, just about anything he can wail on he is. *Full disclosure the 11 month old did not choose anything when I asked him, he smiled and crawled away*

Hazel’s pick

This is a new toy to our house and Hazel has fallen in love with it. She’s started telling me tales, they are pretty literal and missing most substance but o figure that’s pretty typical of a 4 year old. That being said we have a good time going back and forth coming up with the next part of the story or just using the same blocks over and over again to see how many stories we can come up with!

What are your kids favourite toys? Or what was your favourite toy as a kid?

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