And baby makes 6

As I’ve mentioned in a few posts, JD and I are expecting our 4th child early in June. Yes, that will mean we are a family of 6. From what I gather from other large (we crossed the line into large now) families, these are the things I have to prepare for:

  1. We will never be able to stay in one hotel room unless travelling with not the entire family.
  2. Seeing as this already happens, I will constantly be asked when out if they are all mine. Yes, I try not to pick up random children, generally the big personalities we have at home are enough ☺️
  3. Hazel, Jenni, and Martin’s “love”. Both are very different things.
  • Hazel’s love is me saying “put the baby down” A LOT.
  • Jenni’s love is her saying “baby no” A LOT. Jenni is my smuggler, it’s wonderful, but babies tend to get in the way of her snuggles and she doesn’t always like that…
  • Martin’s love is anyone’s guess! I think he’ll like that he can sneak into the bathroom more easily (it’s his favourite room at the moment).

Is there anything else to know? Well, well probably, but I’ll only have all 4 at home for 3 months so what could go wrong? 🤔

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  1. A friend told me recently that she always encourages her kids to find moms with lots of kids if they get lost. Reason – safe choice because they won’t want to take another child home and will do everything possible to find the correct parent.

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