“Aa” is for 🍎

Hazel currently goes to preschool 3 days a week, which means I have 2 days a week with just Jenni and Martin (I work the third day and they are in daycare).

Jenni has the attention span of a typical 2 year old. Generally, the best way to keep her attention is to see what she wants to do. How do you do that when trying to teach letter recognition, colours and all sorts of other fun things? Well you come armed with many, many different ideas and plans.

For example, today’s craft centred around 🍎 (red & “Aa”). We came home from grocery shopping after dropping of Hazel, had a quick snack, put away the groceries and started on craft time (school time disguised as a craft. Here was the initial plan, to cut up strips of red paper (fine motor skills), if that didn’t go well, rip them up (still fine motor skills), but, Jenni right away said, “I want to paint” when I set the table up for craft time, so painting it was! While I finished getting her ready we talked about all the red things in the room:

  • The play kitchen
  • The hour hand on the clock
  • The broom
  • The broom stand base
  • That book 📚
  • Other various toys

Then I asked her about the letter we were learning about yesterday she made the aa sound and I said, that’s right! A is for apple. Then we got down to business. She painted, I painted, the end result you can see above. We’ll keep it for a few weeks so we can review “Aa” later on. It’s also now set up for her to trace the letter with her finger or put playdoh snakes into the open letters. Jenni has a hard time holding the pencil correctly so tracing and playdoh snakes will help her continue to develop her brain while still working some of the fine motor skills. We’ve got tons of time before JK so I’m 0% stressed over her skills. Just having fun learning and starting to put some more structure in her day (and not just from outside instructors).


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