Registering for JK and prepping for school!

The day came last week, I registered Hazel for JK! Time has flown by and even though it’s 7.5 months away, it seems super close!

Hazel is bright and like other kids in small groups, but we decided that a pre-school with a lot of other children would help her transition. So she attends a pre-school 3 days a week. She enjoys it and they are doing lots of good work to help prepare her for school.

That being said, something I’ve started at home (more for her younger sister, Jenni, almost 3) is our own curriculum. Hazel loves to learn, she sits and listen and does what you ask most of the time, Jenni, well you’re lucky to get 5 minutes out of her!

Today was the first day of our work. Tuesday’s are letter recognition/word recognition.

Jenni worked on “Aa” and proper holding of the pencil, while Hazel worked on “all” and “am”. All while their brother slept (after Jenni’s nap and Hazel’s quiet time but before Martin woke up).

Reward for good behaviour during “school” today? Play doh! Mommy made a few letter “Aa” before they went to town on whatever came to mind!

Until tomorrow!

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