CSA Number 2

I got a lovely surprise today when we got home from running errands! Our second box from Willowtree Farm had arrived! This week we received: A dozen eggs Rhubarb Potatoes Snap peas Zucchini Asparagus Lettuce Beats Red pepper Strawberries Basil  Yum yum yum! We still have lots from last week (I picked up Friday because... Continue Reading →

Long days

Hazel, a few weeks ago, stopped napping. This makes for very long days, especially with the sun going down so late. What do we do to make the long days work? Well Hazel must have 'quiet time'. It's at least 45 minutes, but can be as log as 2 hours if she's being super grumpy... Continue Reading →

Willowtree Farm CSA

Today was an exciting day! I came home from New Jersey, picked up my girls, whom I hadn't seen since Monday, and picked up our first share of the CSA with Willowtree Farm! I thought it would be nice to show you what we got!!! Meat share Chicken Half Roaster Bone In Chicken Breast Chicken Thigh... Continue Reading →

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