On the cleaner side…

We made it! We made it past the final , big sand! We are officially on the cleaner side of renovating the great room in our house (it's not really a great room, but I'm calling it that). Soon we will start painting. The walls will be a lovely grey (pink accentsm but not super... Continue Reading →

Pom Pom fun!

After painting today, mommy decided it would be fun to bust out the Pom Poms, glue and craft sticks to make, caterpillars? Really, mommy played referee with the glue container (don't put your whole hand in there).     

Tangled and studying

I have a midterm today, and thankfully Hazel likes Disney movies! Outside of nap time, I don't get a ton of time to study and review, so leading upto my midterm, Disney movies help out on me getting some important study time in. Yesterday was Tangled. Who knows what today will be!

Fine motor skills and crafting

So I do a fair bit of reading, but very little on child development. But I do occasionally read something, and a few weeks ago, I was reading that fine motor skills in our kids are not being developed. So, I looked up ways to help develop fine motor skills, and found this, string things.... Continue Reading →

Taping, muding and sanding

Well folks, we are in my least favourite part of renovations, taping, muding and sanding time. Why is it my least favourite? It's impossible to keep clean! No matter how often I dust and vacuum it's never clean.  I think part of the reason I hate it, is that it is slo close to finishing... Continue Reading →

Cleaning – impossible?

Cleaning with a toddler and a baby in the house is pretty ridiculous. If I'm not wearing one, while one is sleeping, one is colouring, or using stickers, or getting into a mess while I clean another area... basically nullifying the work I am doing (this isn't frustrating at all). And if I have managing... Continue Reading →


Hazel and I have been talking about Rememberance Day (we are going to the service in Pickering on the 11th). So the craft today was making a poppy field! My example is the last photo.        

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