Gymnastics and Swimming

The girls have been registered!

Jennifer will be taking swimming lessons in the fall, and Hazel will be taking swimming lessons and gymnastics lessons – wee!

Both girls love the water, so I’m super excited to see them enjoy the time. Their first session is the same class (thank you for Starfish and Duck having combined classes)! Thanks to Grandma for making it possible for the girls to take swimming lessons – 1:1 adult to child ratio when under 2 make 2 under 15 months tough! I’m pretty excited however that swimming doesn’t require an adult at 2! Hazel is already independent and ready to be on her own for things, so I’m looking forward to her thriving on her own at lessons!

As for gymnastics, it is also a parent and tot program (well in this case, parent with infant in carrier and tot running around). Those of you who know Hazel know that she is nuts. Climbing ladders, doing anything she can to be crazy. So gymnastics clearly makes sense. Gymnastics starts without parent at 2.5 (can’t come soon enough)!

So what does this set her up for… well whatever she ends up wanting to do in my opinion. If she can swim, any water sport is an option, and gymnastics is the fundamentals of all movement! And let’s be honest, her dad is going to make sure that she can skate, so she’ll have all her bases covered!

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