Pickering Farmers Market

On Tuesday, I took the girls to the Pickering Town Centre Farmers Market – it was super fun and quite the adventure.

I was still without a stroller (it arrived later that day), but off we went! I packed a wrap for Jennifer and though the SSC (Ergo) was in the truck. Low and behold, we arrived and there was no Ergo in the car! So… Jennifer got wrapped up and stayed asleep almost the whole time (thank you Jennifer) and Hazel… well she walked.

We walked to the market from the car, not so far away, and did a survey of who was there and what we might want to buy. Then, I discovered that I had not brought any cash – go team Mommy… so with Jennifer wrapped up and Hazel toddling along, we headed to the bank which is just across the street… not nearly as close as it seems to be. But we made it with no injuries, and headed back. But being as we now are in the truck and I’m trying to save on gas money (JD is now driving to work so I try to save gas money during the week by limiting outings), I decided I would take money out for the mortgage and go into the mall (the Farmers Market is at the mall) and deposit it into our mortgage account, seems like no big deal, but Hazel had already been walking for like 45 minutes.

So we make it to the bank, drop off the mortgage money and head back to the farmers market. It’s now around the hour mark. Hazel is going strong, but is starting to show signs of fatigue (especially since it is lunch and almost nap time…). We get to the market, pick up some fresh bread from Crown Valley Bakery and strawberries and peaches from Willow Tree Farms, and then start the walk back to the truck with our purchases. Hazel made it almost to the car, but didn’t. Thus, I was carrying the bread, strawberries, peaches, Jennifer and Hazel (thank you to the lovely woman who stopped her car and offered to get out, in the middle of the parking lot, to help us to the car), and we made it!

Now… was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!! The best bread, strawberries and peaches we’ve ever had were purchased. Honestly, I can’t say enough about each item we purchased! We will be back next week and will have to come up with some other thing to keep Hazel walking around for a bit – maybe a library visit!

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