Gymnastics and Swimming

The girls have been registered! Jennifer will be taking swimming lessons in the fall, and Hazel will be taking swimming lessons and gymnastics lessons - wee! Both girls love the water, so I'm super excited to see them enjoy the time. Their first session is the same class (thank you for Starfish and Duck having... Continue Reading →

Pickering Farmers Market

On Tuesday, I took the girls to the Pickering Town Centre Farmers Market - it was super fun and quite the adventure. I was still without a stroller (it arrived later that day), but off we went! I packed a wrap for Jennifer and though the SSC (Ergo) was in the truck. Low and behold,... Continue Reading →

So much to do!

How life get's away from me these days! Hazel is busy, busy, busy and is in a phase (let's hope) where she requires a lot of attention (and if she isn't getting it... boy does she take it), and Jennifer is getting more active and alert. This means finding time to clean, work from home... Continue Reading →

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