1/4 Marathon! Done!

Today I ran my first 1/4 marathon (just under 11km), and it was awesome!

You may wonder, what sort of training I did, how I prepared, etc… well, I’m that crazy person who signed up on Wednesday and ran the race, never running more than 5km before (although I regularly run 5km at the moment). I also think that the PiYo I’m doing really helped my body be prepared.

I’ve come to really love running. I love putting my earbuds in and just going, and the 1/4 marathon allowed me to sing in my head and not have to check on any children (or push a stroller), it was great. It felt a little like being pre-babies. That being said, having them waiting at the finish line (and Jennifer waiting to nurse) was the best feeling in the world. Also, going through labour twice in 15 months, what is an hour of running?!?!

JD was great and got up first thing in the morning with me, drove me to the race, and then was waiting for me at the finish line with the girls. Now, the girls behaved, but honestly, couldn’t have done it without him!

So what’s next? Well I just downloaded Nike+ and used it on this run and love it! So I’ve decided to train for a half-marathon (no race scheduled, I’ll just run it on my own lol). Let’s see how this goes!

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