Generally, when I bring out the colour supplies, things go like this…

Mommy: “Hazel would you like to colour Sophia or Hello Kitty?”

Hazel: no response but scream because the colouring items aren’t out yet.

Mommy: “Ok, both it is!”

Hazel: waiting by the table, tapping her toe (ok no tapping yet, you caught me).

Then, Mommy colours with the crayons, or markers, while Hazel colours for two seconds, then proceeds to take the crayons in and out of the bag, or demand the markers so she can put the lids on and off.

Then, Mommy steps out of the way for Hazel to organize and reorganize, maybe colouring for another two seconds. After 15 minutes or so, Mommy puts the colouring away. 


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