1/4 Marathon! Done!

Today I ran my first 1/4 marathon (just under 11km), and it was awesome! You may wonder, what sort of training I did, how I prepared, etc... well, I'm that crazy person who signed up on Wednesday and ran the race, never running more than 5km before (although I regularly run 5km at the moment).... Continue Reading →

Renovation Update

The renovation we started is one that is going to take quite some time. Although it already has drastic results, the putting back together is a months process.. and actually finishing years. I think, the thing that is driving me the most crazy at the moment, is how impossible it is to keep everything clean!... Continue Reading →

Here we go again – renovations!

In our house we have a, well, five (more like seven) year renovation plan. This year, we tossed up raising the house, and ultimately decided it was not the right time. This lead to my husband getting the itchy feeling of what can we do now, fast forward two short weeks, and there are no... Continue Reading →

The Wonderful World of PiYo

So, 14 days ago, I decided to make the jump into the PiYo world. If you don't know what PiYo is, it is a workout system from Beachbody with trainer Chalene Johnson. Here is a quick blurb from Beachbody about PiYo "Who says you have to jump, grunt, strain, and punish your body to get amazing results from your... Continue Reading →


Generally, when I bring out the colour supplies, things go like this... Mommy: "Hazel would you like to colour Sophia or Hello Kitty?" Hazel: no response but scream because the colouring items aren't out yet. Mommy: "Ok, both it is!" Hazel: waiting by the table, tapping her toe (ok no tapping yet, you caught me).... Continue Reading →

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