Floor cleaning

I clean my floors (vacuum and mop) at least twice a week, but once or twice a month I get down on my hands and knees and scrub. I feel like Cinderella, and only have a short amount of time (when both babies are sleeping). And I have a great method to get our tile floors clean! And I too some pictures so you could see what it looks like!

So, no judging, but here is probably the worst tile in our laundry room. Our dog, Django, comes in and out of that door, so it gets quite muddy. 
Here is the before tile. I use equal parts baking soda and dish soap with hot water, and then scrub the heck out of the tile.

  This is during, as you can see the soap pay mixture is very dirty (I told you it works). After it sits for a little, I wipe it up with a towel and give it a really good rub down (so there is no residue left over). It dries really quickly after that!  

It’s still a little wet in this picture. And the next one is the final! (The “stains” are grout, if you have a way to get grout off… Let me know!)

So you can see how much I scrub, here is a before and after of the sponge I used.


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