Zoo Time!

After JD and I spoke for a while, we decided it made sense for me to get a Toronto Zoo Membership this year. Both the girls are free (because they are under 3) and it's a difference place for us to get out too - plus Hazel has started making animal noises when we see... Continue Reading →

Time to get in shape

Gah, body shape, so annoying, why can't we just think one shape and be it! So much harder to eat healthy and work out. Oh well! Every few months I write a post about what I'm doing to get in shape / be healthier, so here we go! I've joined a fb group with Moms... Continue Reading →

Parks, Parks, and more Parks!

Oh my goodness, Hazel has become a little park rat! She love it! Slides, stairs, climbing, swings, running, you name it, she does it all (and does it all well)! As I said in my last blog, I'm helping a friend do reviews on playgrounds in Durham Region, it's been a lot of fun, and... Continue Reading →

Long Live Outdoor Play!

A friend of mine, Jennifer, started a blog while she was on mat leave last year, Durham Region Playground Reivews and she has asked me for some help finishing up the awesome number of parks we have in Durham Region. Really, it just give me an excuse (as if I need one) to take Hazel and... Continue Reading →

We may have a gymnast in the making

Hazel loves the park, whether there are other children there or not! When other, older children are there, she love to watch them and I'm sure she is filing away all the crazy climbing they are doing. But when we are alone at the park (which, surprisingly is quite often...) she has pretty much no... Continue Reading →

Floor cleaning

I clean my floors (vacuum and mop) at least twice a week, but once or twice a month I get down on my hands and knees and scrub. I feel like Cinderella, and only have a short amount of time (when both babies are sleeping). And I have a great method to get our tile... Continue Reading →

Work from Home Mommas!

When I'm working through the day, I always feel like I'm not the greatest mom. I work a few different jobs only one has me work a few hours during the week while the girls (or Hazel at the moment), are awake. Usually, I have an hour or two to get done, I'll start around... Continue Reading →

Sensory Play

A few weeks ago, Daddy built Hazel a sand and water table, which is wonderful for outside sensory play. Today, however, it is kind of rainy and gross. We might go for a walk, but no play in the sandbin. So what do we do when it rains? Well today I put bright yellow paint... Continue Reading →


Hazel is, and always has been a busy body. She learned to get up and down steps in literally 5 minutes (we don't have stairs), and last week she started climbing onto the table and couch. So she now gets blocked into rooms or has an adult with her at all times. As I'm writing... Continue Reading →

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