Hi baby!

Today is just a short post, but here is some background. 

Hazel doesn’t say a lot of words, and very rarely (never) repeats back. She has developed her own language and talks all the time, but in “our speak” not much.

However, yesterday, she said the most adorable thing! Jennifer was in the Go Crib doing (hating) some tummy time, and Hazel and I were lying on the ground next to her smiling. I said “Hi Baby” as I say to both the girls, and Hazel looked right in the crib, and pushed her head in and said “Hi Baby” as well! Later I was sitting on the couch eating some almonds and said “Hi Baby” to Hazel, and she ran to the Go Crib and said “Hi Baby” again! Pause for heart melting! 

What are some cute things your kids say?

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