Parks with an (almost) 1.5 year old

Going to the park is a lot of fun, and it tires my kids out! (Makes for great sleeps.) But going with my 1.5 year old is a little tough at the same time.

Jennifer usually just sleeps in the stroller (she gets parked in the shade) and I run around with Hazel. She loves the swings and slide so it’s a lot of up and down or pushing. But I’m finding it hard to find young toddler appropriate parks. The toddler parks I find, in general, are a little big around out place for Hazel. But we make it work! There is one in Durham by the water which is really quiet and has a few “play” activities (for example, wind chimes) so we like that one! 

But yesterday, we went just after school had gotten out, and Hazel had a good time watching the big kids too! I think it’s educational for her to watch the way they move, climb and interact so I didn’t mind, plus she tried “talking” to a few (adorable), and the other moms loved Hazel’s thighs!

Do you have go to parks in your area? How often do you visit them?

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