Silence is beautiful…

…but not between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

Hazel, my toddler (almost a year and a half), pretty much has her walk of the house. Rooms she isn’t supposed to go in have closed doors all day and cabinets have safety locks (sometimes the food cabinet stays open, but it’s easy to hear rustle and chomps). It also makes it easier to be stuck on the couch nursing at times to know Hazel is safe where ever she is. Our things may not be safe, but she is! As all parents with young children know, silence means something bad is happening, for me it’s usually books being pulled down or torn apart.  Or a door was left open and she is pulling out all the clothing in the nursery!

Now, once she’s in bed, if Jennifer is cooperates, Mommy gets some rest time (especially if it’s before Daddy gets home). Sometimes it means just vegging infront of the TV, sometimes it’s reading, sometimes is relaxing in the tub, best of all is when it’s early bed time!

What do you do when you have a quiet moment? Or what do you fear when there is the toddler silence? 

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