Britax B-Ready Double Stroller

I honestly cannot say enough about this stroller. I love it.

When I was pregnant with Hazel, purchasing a stroller was one of the more stressful things. Read about it here. Now that Jennifer is here, I can’t be more happy with the decision to purchase the Britax B-Ready.

With Hazel it was a great option for me, I liked the flexibility of being able to have her face me or not even when I moved her into the toddler seat. I also liked the ease of popping the B-Safe Bucket seat into the frame without having a seat in the way, and the massive basket made tons of room for anything I wanted to carry. The stroller drove really easily (one handed), and moved well over snow (yay Canada).

Now that Jennifer is here, I haven’t used the second seat too often (she is only 6 weeks old), but when I have it’s worked out great. I’ve used the second seat with the toddler seat (Hazel in the upper seat), and I’ve also had the bucket seat on top and Hazel in the second seat. Hazel is ok with the second seat, but not for too long with the bucket seat in (her head is really close to it, but she did fine, we were at the midwife’s where she usually gets to play and she was stuck in the stroller). The second seat is also balanced. Without the first seat, or the bucket seat on top, I was able to put Hazel in the second seat and then put Jennifer in the top! What else can I say… oh yes! Jennifer has also been in the second seat. I love that the second seat reclines enough to be usable for 0+. This means I don’t have to put Hazel in the second seat – yay!

Another great thing about the stroller, with the second seat attached, it is easy enough to fold and store – no disassembly! It is a little heavy, but as a 4’11” female, pre-pregnancy 120 lbs, I can lift and maneuver it fairly well. I’m not going to carry it on my back for hours, but I can get it in and out of the car and in and out of the house.

With the two seat and two kids, I can use the one-handed steering well, and It is easy enough to go on an 2-hour walk (thanks for testing with me Angela)!

The last thing is that JD broke the toddler seat a while ago, I was really upset (it’s a $150 seat). I contacted Britax, who are known for their customer service, and they replaced the seat, no questions asked! Since we’ve bought the stroller and bucket seat, we’ve also purchased 2 Britax Click-Tight Car Seats. With their amazing customer service, our future car seats will also be Britax.

Do you have baby gear that you love? What is it?

*Note I normally wear Jennifer while we are out at the moment, but I’ve had her in the second seat a few times.

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