Breastfeeding with a toddler in the house

My second daughter, Jennifer is now a whole 1 month old. As with my first, she is ebf (exclusively breastfed), but there are definitely a new set of challenges with Hazel versus Jennifer, but unlike with Hazel, these challenges don’t have to do with Jennifer, but more with Hazel…

So what challenges are we all facing?

  1. Inevitability Hazel always wants to be picked up when Jennifer starts to eat.
  2. Going out with a baby breastfeeding and a toddler can be interesting – keeping Hazel entertained while in a stroller and not walking – fun times! Snacks are great at these times.
  3. Every time I sit down to feed Hazel (and myself), Jennifer wants to eat. Easy enough to keep Hazel eating, not super easy for me to get enough food during the day.
  4. Bed time with just Mommy can be a fun time, especially when Hazel is having book time (quiet time before bed) and Jennifer wants to eat.

Basically, the two girls always want my attention at the same time. As my mom says, the kids are totally fine, until the phone rings, then they need your attention. Realistically, I’m just becoming a professional juggler!

Did you breastfeed a newborn with a young toddler in the house? What challenges did you face and how did you deal with them?

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