Two in Cloth?

Baby Jennifer Anne O’Leary arrived April 2, 2015, starting our journey into being parents of a 15 month old and newborn. It’s been a good two weeks. 

We used gDiapers from day 1 with Hazel and the plan was to do the same with Jennifer, and we have. Having the tiny gs out again is crazy. They are so small! Regardless, they fit her for now, Hazel wore them for a month, I don’t think Jennifer will be in them that long, but we shall see! 

The gDiaper system for tiny gs is just the cover and insert. We used the disposable inserts until her meconium was done and put the cloth inserts in (she still gets disposable inserts every few nights while all her inserts are in the wash). As for the larger sizes, it is a cover, waterproof liner and insert (plus a flushable cloth liner to catch poop for solid fed babies). The tiny and small inserts are the same and the medium, large and extra large have the same as well. We have a lot of the larger size for when both girls end up with the same inserts (not all are prepped yet).

Do you have multiple in cloth? What do you use? How do you stay organized? 

Here is a look at my diaper drawer!  

Currently in rotation I have…

  • 12 tiny gs
  • 23 small inserts (we lost one somewhere with Hazel)
  • 28 md/lg/XL inserts
  • 15 md/lg/XL waterproof liners
  • 12 lg covers

I’ve yet to run out of anything between washes (other than the small inserts).



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