Thinking about cloth…

Men, this post is not for you. 

I’m thinking about changing my monthly expenditures from disposable menstral products to cloth or cups, but not sure what I would prefer or makes the most sense. 

Many of you may be thinking… Why, and why blog about it? Well, why? There are a lot of chemicals in disposable products and I’m not a big fan of the waste produced (not that anyone is). Why blog about it? I think women have made this decision in the past and can give advice, or maybe it’s something they want to look into and this encourages them to do that!

I go back and forth and know there are pros and cons for both. Where I get stuck is I think a cup would be my preference, but you can’t use them right after having a baby. I’m already washing cloth diapers so not worried about the laundry. So where does that leave me? Well, with other’s reviews! Maman Loups Den has some great reviews that I’ve been reading. So we will see!

Have you made the switch?

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