Oma’s Apricot Jam Cookie

This is my absolute favourite cookie. It is so tasty (and I can eat so many at one time). So I figured I'd share it! Apricot Jam Cookie Ingredients: 1/2 lb butter 1/2 lb cream cheese 2 cups flour Apricot Jam Fruit (easily dissolve) sugar - I just grind up regular sugar to make it... Continue Reading →

Oma’s Shortbread

My Oma used to make the best cookies and one way keep her in my thoughts at Christmas is to make a couple of her cookie recipes. My mom's favourite of these is her shortbread cookies so I thought I'd share it with you! Oma's Shortbread Ingredients: 1 cup butter 1/2 cup icing sugar 1/2... Continue Reading →

The poof crochet project

Many years ago I learned to crochet. I don't remember who taught me, or why I learned but I did. Two years ago, before my niece was born, I decided to make her an elephant, seeing as the only thing I knew how to do was crochet, I went to the store, bought a book,... Continue Reading →


I've recently taken on a few tutoring students to help with our finances as well as get back to, well, tutoring. I used to tutor many years ago and loved it! I'm looking forward to helping people better understand math. I believe that , with enough time and energy, anyone can learn math and I'm... Continue Reading →

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