On the move!

Being a first time mom, as Hazel does things it's pretty amazing. She is moving around so much right now! She's finally learned how to "properly" crawl instead of the weird army crawl / leg drag thing. Now , with Django losing his summer coat, we, I mean I, am vacuuming everyday to try and... Continue Reading →

Hazel and Django

Hazel and Django have a fun relationship to watch! Django lick her fingers and eats her leftover food, Hazel plays with his tags, pulls in his face, tail, and tries to chew on him (we stop this). It's really adorable to watch! Django is great, never snaps or moves to quickly when she's close (although... Continue Reading →

Fall Meals

One of my favourite things about the cooler weather (although we've had a nice warm up lately) is getting to make warmer meals! Last night we had one of my favourites, Buttered Chickpeas. JD and I tried this recipe 5 years ago, that seems way too long ago, but alas it is true, during my... Continue Reading →

Montreal on a Budget!

My husband was on vacation for the last couple of weeks, which was amazing, and we decided to take a small trip to Montreal. With me being on maternity leave, we don't have a ton of extra cash so we tried to spend as little as possible. We found a lovely little budget hotel, Abri... Continue Reading →

Grade 5 Exam Results!

I'm excited to announce that I achieved a score of 86% on my Grade 5 RCM Practical Piano exam. About what I was expecting after my performance! I'm surprised how quickly the exam results came back! What a pleas net surprise to get exam results 2 short weeks after playing the exam - thanks RCM!... Continue Reading →

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