Buying clothes

I've always had troubles buying clothes, between trying to find something that fits my body the way I want it to and being 4'11" things like to be awkwardly long. In the mean time I'm buying a new dress and with my troubles finding clothes and add finding time without Hazel or managing her while... Continue Reading →

Grade 5 Exam… Done!

Yesterday I played my grade 5 RCM Piano exam and it went well! I'm happy with the results based on my level of tired 😉 For those of you who haven't done a practical exam here is how it's laid out... 1) technical tests - pretty sure I nailed these! 2) studies - overall, well... Continue Reading →

Another exam? I think so!

Last April I started taking piano lesson again after a 9 year hiatus. When I was learning piano, the first time, preped for a few practical examinations, but never took one (I did play in a festival), I happened to change teachers because they were leaving just before each exam, and never competed one. I... Continue Reading →

Food – Hazel loves it!

Hazel is such a good eater! She loves to eat (don't try to eat in front of her without giving some to her). Hazel eats three meals a day, mostly baby led weaning, but some foods would make too much of a mess in my opinion so I fed her at the moment (watching very... Continue Reading →


It's been a while, I'm sorry! But again with sleep! I'm finding as Hazel gets older it is tough to keep her on a sleep schedule, especially since we are so busy now! Hazel hasn't had a proper bed time in almost a week, and it's not stopping for a few days! This throws off... Continue Reading →

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