Hazel and food…. An update!

So Hazel has been eating solids for a few weeks now and how's it going? Pretty good! She is happy to try anything in front of her, and she is definitely eating some - I won't get into her poop... But those of you with kids who started solids, know what I mean... If you... Continue Reading →

Lazy Days

So, as I near my goal weight (ie pre-pregnancy weight), I find myself losing motivation to continue my healthy lifestyle. That is not to say that I have completely gone off the rails, I'm holding steady between 4 and 6 pounds, but I'm feeling complacent. I've not been watching my diet and just eating whatever,... Continue Reading →

Hair… Troubles

So, I'm a pretty relaxed person when it comes to my hair and hair cuts. I get my hair cut maybe 3 times a year, maybe. I never dye my hair, and on post days, it's just up. That would be because Hazel now grabs hair and pulls. Anyway, when I do go to the... Continue Reading →

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