I want to do a quick shout out to my Mommy friend Aly, who had twins 8 weeks ago.First, oh my goodness, they are beautiful! Second, she looks amazing! Third, she had twins?!?!? I'm so in awe of you! It was hard enough just with Hazel and you are doing a fantastic job with two... Continue Reading →

Solids and Hazel – A War on Bibs

So I've started introducing solids to Hazel. We decided to do baby-led-weaning, so really she gums the food I put in front of her, spits it out and throws it everywhere. Sounds fun and adorable, right! As you can guess it makes a big mess, which involves many bibs to be put through the washing... Continue Reading →

Meals to beat the heat!

Here, at the O'Leary household, where we have no air conditioning, meal preparation has become something of a "game". We have to think about, oven and stovetop, extra heat... Is it worth it? And, ice water isn't a meal! Some of our favourite meals as the weather heats up are: Chef Salad Cold sandwiches BBQ... Continue Reading →

Walk the Line

So I haven't written in a while about my fitness progress, so why not today! So, a few weeks ago, I was really sick. Like to the point that I almost asked my husband to stay home from baseball sick! Those of you who know JD will know that means I was not getting out... Continue Reading →

Sun Screen and Sun Protection

So, I'm quite fair. Which means, in general, I always have sunscreen on. That being said, I love to have a healthy "glow" from the sun - however nearly impossible it is to achieve! Today, while I was out walking with Hazel and Django, I started thinking about the type of relationship I want Hazel... Continue Reading →

Ergobaby… I LOVE it!

To start, I have no affiliation with any baby carrier companies and no one has paid me to endorse them, this is my basic review of the carrier I've recently fallen in love with.A few weeks ago I decided to get an ergonomically correct carrier for Hazel, since, I would let her live in her... Continue Reading →

Anxiety… My Story

So, a woman that is a member of an online community I'm part of inspired me yesterday to share my story with anxiety. To her I would like to say thank you. Not many people know this but I've had anxiety and depression and wanted to share a bit of my story, hopefully to help... Continue Reading →

Nap Times?

So I know babies change their sleep schedules all the time... But this is crazy! Hazel was changing her night schedule, but that seems to have settled down again (yay Hazel), however, her naps are instantly different! She used to be many shirt naps, but we are getting two longer ones and one short one... Continue Reading →

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