Renovations… Stalled!

So, I haven't written about our laundry room renovation in some time, and that's because not much has happened in a while. What happened? Well, simply life! Now there has been some progress, the floor has been levelled, and the stairs shifted to give us some more room, plus we have a plan on what... Continue Reading →

May 24 at the cottage with Hazel

We made it back safe! Hazel was a champ all weekend, and I think many people's highlight... Sorry volleyball and frickit champions. Hazel stuck to her regular schedule as we thought she would. Being ready for bed around 7pm each day. She stuck wither sleep regression so I was up feeding her 3-4 times a... Continue Reading →

Roots Baby Clothing

My mother's neighbour bought us some baby clothing from Roots for our baby shower, and they are adorable! Overall, I love them! They fit Hazel super well, and are very nice fabric. Plus they have the traditional Roots feel, which means she looks like an adorable lumber jack! I've been in the Roots store and... Continue Reading →

Nails… Done!

I have a confession, I'm a nail biter... so I like when I have my nails done! It means I wont bite them for a few days. I used to do my toe nails every two weeks, then I got pregnant.. and well at about 32 weeks that became really hard, but I did them... Continue Reading →


Who knew feet could be so interesting? Hazel found her feet a few days ago and it has been quite fun to watch her play with them. It's how she gets herself from her back to front. Now... My feet are another thing! I have blisters from going on a 10 km walk with Hazel... Continue Reading →

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